If you want to donate/contribute to Chase's mission the easiest way is to do it online.  Our ward unit number is 2062666.

Step by Step Instructions:

Go to and sign in.

Under "My Account and Ward" in the upper right had corner select "Donations" under "My Ward."

If you haven't set up to do donations you will need to do that.

After you are set up, when you select "Donations" a donation slip comes up.

Under "Ward Missionary" select "Missionary in Other Ward or Branch"  (if you are in the Mill Pond ward just select  Chase and enter the amount you want to contribute).

Fill in the "Ward or Branch Number" with "2062666" then click "Continue."

Select "Chase Moss" enter donation amount and then select "Next Step."

Select "Bank Account" and click "Next Step."

Follow the rest of the steps to donate.

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