Monday, March 13, 2017

March 13, 2017

Good Morning!
Hope your Pday will be fun and productive. I've received a new calling, I'm the new Scout Committee Chair! I'm really excited and ready to jump in and get things organized. I've met with McCord already to let him know how I would like to run it and get his advice. 
Things are going better with my mouth. It seems to be healing, however it did start to hurt yesterday and when I looked at it it looks like the incision had opened up. Other than that I really am doing okay. 
We have still been getting bids on the basement and slowly moving forward. I'm excited for the outcome!
Miss you and can't wait to see what adventures you have had this past week. I hope you wore gloves when you cleaned up the park and I hope the dog you rescued didn't bite you, haha.
Love ya,
Mom, xxxooo

Love you too!  I have an hour as of now.  Hope everything goes good with your mouth!  Send me pics of the basement!

Bought a pillowcase - $105.  Crazy that is like $8 for a pillowcase!!  Sorry, only one they had...

You are on early, earlier than normal since you got a new comp.  We are in daylight savings time now so it is dark when I go to work but we have an extra hour of daylight at night.  How does that affect the difference in time between us?  We used to be four hours, do you guys switch?  It is almost 8am here but it normally would be 7am - you really are on early.
I forgot to tell you that we sold your car.  We sold it on our way to the airport when we flew out for our vacation in Puerto Vallarata.  We just met the kid in SLC at his bank and he got us a check and we handed him the keys and left.  We paid $1800 for it when we bought it and we sold it for $1700.  I put the money in your savings account so you have $2000 in that account.
How are things with your new comp?

So we are 3 hours difference now. We dont do daylight savings here. We have transfers next week.  Going with some investigators though at 2 (in 3 hours to go hiking or something)  SO we just got on earlier.  Still with Elder Nevins though.  But pres. came to church this past sunday.  He was super concerned about my spanish.  Then he said that he has been thinking about having me train somebody next transfer here in Villa La Angostura.  That would be crazy!!!  I will let you know.  Kind of stressed right now with my lack of spanish.
Cool!  That is great!  Did you clean it and take out my CDs?  Haha thanks a bunch.  

So it is 11am there now huh?
Chase, work hard, lose yourself in the work, love the people, talk to them as much as possible and explain, "todavia, estoy aprendiendo a hablar mejor, creo que todavia podemos comunicarnos, tener paciencia conmigo, y ayudame a mejorarme por favor. Esta bien?
Sorry, didn't see any CDs, I cleaned it out a little, took out the jumper cables, but you had it pretty clean.

yeah, 11:25.  Thanks for the advice.  They were on the sun visor, but dont worry about it.  

I don't remember if I updated you on basketball.  Gonzaga was #1 in the nation, the only team undefeated.  BYU lost to them at home but only by about 7 or 10 points.  We went up there and played them as the last game of the season for both teams and it was senior night at Gonzaga at home and we beat them.  It was a crazy good game. 
Anyway, we went to the tournament ranked #3 with Gonzaga #1 and St. Mary's number 2.  St. Mary's beat us both times during the season.  If we won the tourney we would get an automatic seeding in the NCAA March Madness.  We won the first round then were paired with St. Mary's and lost.  Then St. Mary's lost to Gonzaga in the championship.  
So, we got invited to the NIT instead.  We are seeded number 3 in the West.  Utah also is in the NIT and seeded number 3 but in another region.  The only way we could play them is in the championship so it is a long shot.  Anyway, because we are #3 we have the first round with home court advantage on Wed so we are buying tickets today, our time is in a half hour.  We are going to try and get down in the blue seats. 

Wow that is too bad but super cool anyway!!!  Send pics when you go!

With the rain and snow in the mountains, my mind has kind of been tricked that it is Christmas.  Been listening to Christmas songs and took some pics with Santa and Frosty.  Haha
Had the best brand of Hamburgers in the world!  Barfy.  Whoever was over marketing there was pretty bright. 
Got an American Flag in the Apartment!
Love you all!!  Stay cool!  2Nephi 32:3

Until next week.  Send my love to everyone.  Send me pics of the basement and the fam and stuff! 
Love you!!!

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