Monday, February 27, 2017

February 27, 2017

I took a few pictures of our trip to Puerto Vallarta. We had a wonderful time!

So dope!  That is cool!  Just flew?

Jasek is going to Houston Texas, English speaking leaves in 6 weeks.

Dope!  That is so cool!  Tell him i am excited.  give him my email too  Or give me his

I will give him yours and see if he has his, so I can pass it to you.

Couldnt really think of a subject line.  Haha.  But it is true. Had to go for like 4 days without Q-tips.  :)  I bought some today though.  Dont worry.
Lets see.  Its been a good week.  One day i fell asleep during personal study (i am always so tired)  haha but the Lord chastened me later in the day.  I got bit by a dog.  haha its was pretty good.  Left bite marks and saliva on my pants.  Didnt draw blood though- darn.  
There is a guy we found in our area book that says not to go by because he has threatened to kill missionaries in the past.  So what did we do?  Haha you betcha we went by him!  Haha so funny.  Its true, he does not like missionaries.  Didnt threaten to kill us though.  :)
I have really seen what that scripture in D&C talks about when it says that if we teach by the spirit and they recieve by the spirit, we are both uplifted.  We have had a couple of lessons like that this past week.  Those are the best.
On saturday we got asked to speak in church. we got asked to speak on Missionary Work!  Haha for the 3rd time in a row.  Since i have been here, either we, the missionaries, speak in church, or someone in the Branch presidency does.  I have spoken like every sunday so far.  Haha.  But this sunday the branch president wasnt able to come because the highway was blocked so my companion conducted and a member presided.  Haha.  We had 3 investigators in church though!  So good.  
Pics-  Slept on a bus ride to zone conference.  Finished up comp study with a prayer.  Elder Nevins didnt get up after it-He slept for like 15 min haha.  Some pics from the bus ride.  And a selfie with my sweet patagonia shirt.

What time is it there again.  Are we four hours different.  It is 9:25 here

1:45 right now. What is the low down with money?  Same charge on both cards?  Which is better?  I spent $135 on a mate and straw with the zions card.  Did you get the pic from a member here?

Yea, 4 hours.  I included the details on the cards in my other email but in short use the marriott.
Did not get the pic from the member.

I got a text from a couple who was visiting. She sent a picture of you, your companion, and them.
It was fun to see you with them! You are looking so good!

So use the Marriot card for turist puchases and stuff?

Yes, both those other purchases charged an extra 4% on the zions.  Use if you need it.

The pasta with hot dogs looks like what we had in Puerto Vallarta.  I wanted good mexican food and they fixed stuff like that.  We liked being there on the beach for 5 days but didn't like the food too much.
Both cards were charged .87 cents, so the exchange on each is the same.  But the Zions also added a foreign transaction fee where the Marriott didn't add that.  It isn't much, about 4%.  Yes, the Zions bank can be used as credit.  I don't know how it is there, but here if I use it and it comes up asking for a pin I can press cancel and it defaults to credit.
We didn't send any other letters, just the one with pictures.  We wanted to try that.  Maybe I'll send another to the other address you gave me and we can see if they both work.
Buttermilk Syrup is pretty easy.  It is equal parts buttermilk and butter and the same amount as those two in sugar heated till boiling then you take off the heat and add baking soda (it will foam a lot so make sure the pan is big enough or it will spill over) and vanilla and stir until the foam goes away.
1/2 Cup Buttermilk
1/2 Cup Butter
1 Cup Sugar
1 teaspoon Baking Soda
1 teaspoon vanilla (optional, but makes it better)
Most Chocolate Chip bags have a recipe on them.  But you just need fat, eggs, sugar, flour and chocolate.
1/2 Cup Fat (Butter is best but you can use shortening)
3/4 Cup Sugar (use 1/2 white and 1/2 brown or all brown)
1 Egg
1 1/4 Cup Flour
1 Cup Chocolate Chips
I also like to add a little salt (like a pinch or 1/4 teaspoon) and vanilla (1 teaspoon) but you don't have to, this just kicks it up a little.
Use soft butter and mix with sugar well
Add egg and vanilla and mix
Add salt, flour, and chocolate chips and mix just till combined well
Put in dollops or balls on baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.
Our missionaries here are sending out an email to all the bishops and ward mission leaders in the stake 4 times a week (Sun, Tue, Thur, and Sat). Every ward is listed and then under the ward name the missionaries list what teaching or contacting they did in the ward for those two days.  It has been really good.  I don't want our ward to be blank so it has motivated me to invite people to listen to the missionaries.  Just an idea, I know you may have different capabilities and certainly a different demographic there but it is working here.  One of the families I invited to hear the missionaries accepted and have a baptism date on March 11.
Davey's birthday is tomorrow and we are going out to eat at Zabb Noodles in Salt Lake tonite.
Mom went in to get her implant post put in her jaw and then heal for another 6 months and then she could get her new tooth.  While drilling it the bone cracked under her nose so instead of putting it in they put in more cadaver bone and she will have to grow more bone for another 6 months and then drill again and let that heal for another 6 months.  She is pretty discouraged with her front teeth.  She has been in bed since Friday and is not going to work today.
How is the new companion after another week.  How are things going?  We want you to be happy and enjoying the work and haven't felt that it has been that way very much.  Dixon, I think, is going through the same thing with companions that don't want to work and he, being new, is kinda not doing what he knows he should be and is feeling a little guilty about it.
Jacek got his call to Houston.  He is pretty stoked.  He is going through the temple this week.  Allie Kirkham is going through to get married next month.
Love you and miss you tons but know that you doing what you should be at this time in your life.  

Sweet with everything especially that baptism!

Recipes for you

Cool, we will try these.

Monday, February 20, 2017

February 20, 2017

Spent 13.40 on some cookies.  Each package was 13.40.  Bought one on one card, other on the other.
Can the Zions bank card be credit?
Thanks for the pics.  They are dope!  I love it!  Got that letter with them.  Havent gotten anything else but dont know if you have sent anything else.
Buttermilk syrup recipe?  That doesnt use maple extract?  
Chocolate chip cookie recipe?

Last sunday, got asked to give a talk on missionary work.  Had the opening song to prepare.  And its all in spanish.  No big deal.  Talked for like 10 min.  This sunday, we showed up at 9:50. (Church starts at 10).  Nobody there.  Wait 10 min.  Nobody shown up.  Wait 10 min.  Nobody.  Haha finally 5 min later a sister shows up.  Then like 10:20 everybody shows up.  Branch president shows up at 10:30.  Haha.  That sunday was like an all time high of 22 though!
We have been teaching this pastor and his wife.  Really cool actually.  They have both read the Book of Mormon entirely.  But they havent prayed about it.  Just goes to show you how important that promise is in Moroni!
We had Valentines day last week.  Only relationship i got to worry about though is my relationship with Christ!  I thought that was pretty good.  Came up with that one myself.
And Presidents day is today!  It´s P-Day on P-Day!!!! Crazy!!!!  Mind blown!
It has been pouring the last 3 days.  Like 5 inches of water.  Crazy!
Love you all!  Love the Gospel!  Love the Mission!

Monday, February 13, 2017

February 13, 2017

How has your first week worth your new companion? Hopefully you will be kindred spirits.
We have had a great week! Dad, Katelynn, Brooklynn, and I went to St. George on Thursday. We got to show off Brooklynn to Grandma and Grandpa Coombs, Tonya, and Janna. It was so good to go back home! I have missed St. George! After our visit to St. George Dad and I went to the BYU Marriage Retreat up at Aspin Grove. We had such a great time strengthening our marriage through the gospel. Put the Lord first and everything will work out.
We had Stake Conference today. I was so happy and surprised when I saw Davey walk in with Brayden. It was nice to have him with us. Davey has a pretty difficult school semester going on. He is really busy with school, work, and trying to have a relationship with Lydia.
Drywall is done! Next we've got to clean the drywall -dust it and sweep it up, then we can etart on the finish work...cutting the boards fire the base boards, doors, and windows. We will then paint, do the flooring. 
Love you so much and pray for you. 
Mom, xxxooo 

So cool!  Send me pics of the fam!  New comp is all right

Hi Chase, can't wait to hear about your week and your new companion. 
It has been a busy week for us. I had an officer that got officer of the year at a convention in St. George so we went down on Thursday for that. Katelynn went with us and took Brooklyn so she could show grandma and grandpa Coombs since they haven't seen her.  We also went over to grandma and grandpa Mosses and surprised them.   We talked about you quite a lot. Grandma and grandpa Moss are continuing to contribute $50 a month to your mission, they have contributed $150 to date.   When you write them, it would be very nice if you think them for helping with your mission. 
On Friday morning after we woke up we brought Katelynn and Brooklynn back up and dropped them off. Mom and I didn't go home and just went up Provo Canyon to Aspen Grove and a marriage weekend getaway that mom had bought a few months ago. Her boss, Dia,  told her about it and they were there too. It was a lot of fun and was spiritually uplifting as well, as brother Hilton, who teaches at BYU, was the featured speaker and trainer. 
It was raining when we arrived there and then it snowed all night and we woke up to a foot of snow. We also got news that there was a mudslide in Provo Canyon and we were stuck there and couldn't go home. So I got cleared out by about noon  and so we left around 3 o'clock and went to steak conference leadership at 4 o'clock and then stake conference adult session at 6 o'clock and then came home and went to bed. Sunday morning I had scheduled meetings and then we had stake conference from 10 to 12 and then I had interviews after that and then I came home and cooked dinner and Katelynn and Jeff and Brooklyn came down and  then we just relax for the rest of the evening on Sunday night. 

Wow the snow is so pretty.  I wanna be in my area when winter hits.  I wanna see the snow!

I am going to do this email in spanish but if u cant understand it the english version is under the spanish tell me if you under stand the spanish! 
Hola chase te extraño mucho! ¿cómo estás? Que has hecho esta semana Hice algo realmente estúpido el sábado me puse en hielo caliente en mi pero pensé que era crema irritante pero no lo era. te extraño tanto. ¡te amo!
hey chase i miss you so much! how are you? what have you done this week? i did something really stupid on saturday i put on icy hot in my but i thought it was chafing cream but it wasn't. i miss you so much. love you!

HAHAHA that is so funny!  I love you brayden!

This week i got a new comp, Elder Nevins.  This week has been interesting because i have just been learning his different quirks and what he is like.  He is interesting.  He is from Alabama.  I got another one of those dang gringos.  Haha.
One hilarious story that is in my pics below (One with the selfie with like 3 guys).  So the investigators name is Juan Alvarado.  We hadnt had any luck before teaching him because he said he was always busy and stuff like that.  But this week we clapped at his door and he came from his backyard smoking a cigarette and gave us a thumbs up.  Haha and he told us to come back.  I the back was a smoldering fire that he and two of his friends had used for an asado (BBQ).  They were sitting around a table by the fire.  The table had a huge pile of the asado- just a ton of meat, and also bottles of wine and beer.  They were all just drunk.  It was so hilarious.  They offered us some beer which we reluctantly declined.  So they gave us sprite.  My glass had dirt in the bottom so the sprite mixed with that.  (I had two glasses-yum).  But we just sat there with some drunk homies eating some asado and teaching the gospel.  At one point Juan just started bawling about his brother who died 9 months ago.  It was sad, but i also had to hold back a laugh becuase it was so funny seeing this tough, older, drunk guy just start bawling.  But we taught him about the atonement and the Plan of Salvation.  
Also i have come to learn from missionaries here in this mission that most everyone loses weight here.  You know those missions where the missionaries come back a little chubby - Yeah that is not here.  Haha.  My comp has lost a lot of weight - He has been here for a year, and other missionaries too.  But i have honestly eaten more here than i did before.  Every morning i have like 3 breaksfasts. AFter excercise i will eat Like 3 bowls of cereal, then shower, then eat a big bowl of oatmeal and yogurt, then study, then eat some scones or something else i can find just before leaving the apartment.
We got a date set with Alfredo for baptism on the 4 of March!  So excited for that.  We will see how it goes!

Monday, February 6, 2017

February 6, 2017

Im on, here in bariloche waiting for my ñnew companion

Good morning! How fun to be waiting for your first second new companion in the field, haha. Have to make it sound as exciting as I'm sure it is! I'm sure he will be just what Heavenly Father wants you to have.
Where are you? Is it far from where you where? Is it a bigger city?

An hour like south of where i am normally.  A much bigger city.  This is where the stake center is.  Look it up.  Bariloche

We put up drywall in the kitchen so that we could put insulation on the other side.
The other picture is of the boxes and wiring that we have in the wall with a couple of conduit; we have three HDMI cord and a coax as well as the power and then one of the boxes just gonna be blank in case we need to add wires later.
And then one picture is just of the pony wall that we built that the Beds back up to that you can prop pillows on with the insulation in the wall and the ceiling.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!  Looks great!  Keep me updated!

Whoa!!!!!  I just read your email with just the kitchen drywall.  Are you going to send me another email of the basement compeletly finished?!  That was fast.  Looks so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I sent a letter on January 31. We'll see how long it takes to get to you. I'm down in St. George right now visiting with grandma and grandpa and they asked about your address. I showed him where I had put your address into blogspot this is what I have: 
Elder Chase Moss
Argentina Neuquen Mission
PO Box 321
8300 Neuquen, Neuquen
However, Grandma had a different address:
Elder Chase Moss
Argentina Neuquen Mission
Zapla 24
8300 Neuquen 
Which one is correct? 
Love you,

I dont know.  It is the second one.  I dont know what p.o. box 321 is.  But the second one is the address to my misison home. and then from there they send it me.

AHhhhhh, idk.
Zapla 24
8300 Neuquén
Zapla 24
8300 Neuquén

It says this on my lds misisonary portal.  Idk, sorry

But obviously no packages.  Zapla 24 is where the mission home is.  

Ok, we'll just see if you get the letter we sent on Jan 30 with pictures.  If not, we'll send it to the other address.

Okay, i will let you know.  Love you

 Well you are even further south than your regular area, is that right? Is this like a major airport or train station is that while you're there? 

I sent some pictures of the basement in a separate email, hope you like them.
The Super Bowl was last night. We went to Terry's house and had lots of good food and watch the Super Bowl. The two teams were the Falcons and the patriots. I'm Falcons have never won a Super Bowl so I was kind of rooting for them as they were the underdog. In the fourth quarter  it was 28 to 9 favoring the Falcons. In the last six minutes the patriots came back and scored two touchdowns  and a field goal in both touchdowns they went for two point conversions instead of one extra point.   They got both conversions and tied the game with like a minute left. At this point because they were so far behind I was rooting for them. It was a great comeback and in overtime they got the flip of the coin received and, as you know, if you score on the first possession the game is over which they did.

Holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a super bowl!!!!!!!  I bet that was crazy with all the family!  I am here because i have to be with someone.  There arent any other misisonaries in my area.  So i came here with my comp, then he left to go home and i have been with the ZLs.  But it is a bigger city by far.  Great view of the lake too

What are some good exercisies to do in the morning in my apartment. 
Davey what was that push up challenge thing?

How are things going? I've been wondering how you are doing with cooking, your apartment, and your companion? I know the language has been pretty rough but I know you will be able to get it. Remember your blessing the Stake President gave you...he blessed you with the gift of tongues. Have faith, trust in the Lord, and be patient, it will come. 
Sheri Drew was at our church today. It was really neat to be in her presence. In Relief Society she gave some remarks on the lesson about Sister Marjory Hinkley, she she said if she used one word to discribe Sister Hinckley she would use the word Charitable. She then told of a personal experience of being at the Hinckley's home. She treated Sheri as if she truly cared for her. Sister Hinckley treated everyone the same with Christ like love, she was a true daughter of God.
Sister Hinckley said "The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. You either have to laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh. Crying gives me a headache."
D&C 105:19, love this scripture and I know it to be true!
Drywall is up and needs to be sanded and then textured. Next will be painting.
Brayden has lost 10 pounds and is still doing his best with working out with Davey. 
Love you always, 
Mom, xxxooo

Everything is fine.  A lot better this week.  How do i make pancakes from scratch?  Ive been craving some.  We dont have a frypan though.  so i use a pizza pan that doesnt have a handle as a frypan.  Haha.  It is like warped and sucks.  
thanks for the quote.  Love you tons!
Also, sorry if i dont respond a lot.  I really love everyones emails, but i just dont have a lot of time to write.

I understand if you can't write a lot, don't worry about me... I love reading your weekly letter. I'm just grateful you are doing better. 
Always in my prayers.
You need 3 dry ingredients and 3 wet: 1cup flour, 1Tablespoon baking soda or baking powder or half of each, and 1 teaspoon salt; then 1cup milk, 1 egg, and 2 - 3 tablespoons oil.  Just mix all together
Syrup is 2 cups sugar to one cup water heated till dissolved and add 1teaspoon mapeline (imitation maple extract).

AHhhh, they dont use cups here and i dont have any measuring stuff.  I will have to eye it out. Haha  Probably wont happen.  I forgot i would have to make syrup too.

You can eye it.  You know how much our little red, yellow, and blue plastic drinking were - that is one cup.  a nickle size in the palm of your hand is about a teaspoon.   A quarter size is about a tablespoon.  The measurements don't have to be exact.  If you make it and it is too runny then add some flour, if it is too thick add some milk.  Just get those six ingredients in about that ratio and it will be good.

Finished my first transfer.  I am getting a new trainer for this next transfer.  My old one just went home!!
I have had a super good week. Loving it here in Argentina!  In a different area right now waiting for my new comp so i dont have my journal to remember everything that has happened.  Jaja oh well.  Next week.  
On p day we went to cascada inacayal and climed Cerro Belvedere.  So pretty.  
Maybe just a list of things that are different about the culture here.  They sell milk in liters, not gallons.  Totally not enough.  And the milk is in cartons or bags, no plastic. 
On every street i swear there is a mechanic, a bakery, and a kiosco (just like a little store).  If the street doesnt have every one of those, it has at least one of those.  The people buy their groceries like day to day or week to week. 
We clap at doors instead of knocking because everybody has a front gate and it is like an invasion of privacy to go knock on the door.
The houses are super small and not well built at all. Some are just built from scraps. The ceilings are all super short because people are just short here.
There is a huge European influence here.  Argentines can be dark skinned like a normal latinos, but there are a lot that are white.
Sewage just runs through some of the streets. (At least in my area jaja).
Everybody drinks mate.  We cant, but we can drink mate cocido which is the yerba (herbs) that people use for mate, nbut in a teabag.

So i can use my black marriot card at an atm?

Yes, I think so.  
Also, don't do a balance check.  The balance check you did just to see what your balance was cost you $1.50.  Don't spend too much and we will check it often to make sure you have enough.

Havent used either card yet.  I will let you know when i do

You didn't just put it in and just see if it would work or do an inquiry or anything like that?

Oh yeah i did with the zions bank one
did that cost?

Yes, $1.50.  No big deal.

Sorry.  That is crazy!!!  I have $62,000 pesos on it though.  Estoy cheto.  Haha jk
All right see ya later!!!!!!!!!

dont stress about the pics or mail, just curious and whatever.  If nothing works than that is fine.  I read your responses next week.  Thanks and love you!!!!!!!!!!