Monday, February 27, 2017

February 27, 2017

I took a few pictures of our trip to Puerto Vallarta. We had a wonderful time!

So dope!  That is cool!  Just flew?

Jasek is going to Houston Texas, English speaking leaves in 6 weeks.

Dope!  That is so cool!  Tell him i am excited.  give him my email too  Or give me his

I will give him yours and see if he has his, so I can pass it to you.

Couldnt really think of a subject line.  Haha.  But it is true. Had to go for like 4 days without Q-tips.  :)  I bought some today though.  Dont worry.
Lets see.  Its been a good week.  One day i fell asleep during personal study (i am always so tired)  haha but the Lord chastened me later in the day.  I got bit by a dog.  haha its was pretty good.  Left bite marks and saliva on my pants.  Didnt draw blood though- darn.  
There is a guy we found in our area book that says not to go by because he has threatened to kill missionaries in the past.  So what did we do?  Haha you betcha we went by him!  Haha so funny.  Its true, he does not like missionaries.  Didnt threaten to kill us though.  :)
I have really seen what that scripture in D&C talks about when it says that if we teach by the spirit and they recieve by the spirit, we are both uplifted.  We have had a couple of lessons like that this past week.  Those are the best.
On saturday we got asked to speak in church. we got asked to speak on Missionary Work!  Haha for the 3rd time in a row.  Since i have been here, either we, the missionaries, speak in church, or someone in the Branch presidency does.  I have spoken like every sunday so far.  Haha.  But this sunday the branch president wasnt able to come because the highway was blocked so my companion conducted and a member presided.  Haha.  We had 3 investigators in church though!  So good.  
Pics-  Slept on a bus ride to zone conference.  Finished up comp study with a prayer.  Elder Nevins didnt get up after it-He slept for like 15 min haha.  Some pics from the bus ride.  And a selfie with my sweet patagonia shirt.

What time is it there again.  Are we four hours different.  It is 9:25 here

1:45 right now. What is the low down with money?  Same charge on both cards?  Which is better?  I spent $135 on a mate and straw with the zions card.  Did you get the pic from a member here?

Yea, 4 hours.  I included the details on the cards in my other email but in short use the marriott.
Did not get the pic from the member.

I got a text from a couple who was visiting. She sent a picture of you, your companion, and them.
It was fun to see you with them! You are looking so good!

So use the Marriot card for turist puchases and stuff?

Yes, both those other purchases charged an extra 4% on the zions.  Use if you need it.

The pasta with hot dogs looks like what we had in Puerto Vallarta.  I wanted good mexican food and they fixed stuff like that.  We liked being there on the beach for 5 days but didn't like the food too much.
Both cards were charged .87 cents, so the exchange on each is the same.  But the Zions also added a foreign transaction fee where the Marriott didn't add that.  It isn't much, about 4%.  Yes, the Zions bank can be used as credit.  I don't know how it is there, but here if I use it and it comes up asking for a pin I can press cancel and it defaults to credit.
We didn't send any other letters, just the one with pictures.  We wanted to try that.  Maybe I'll send another to the other address you gave me and we can see if they both work.
Buttermilk Syrup is pretty easy.  It is equal parts buttermilk and butter and the same amount as those two in sugar heated till boiling then you take off the heat and add baking soda (it will foam a lot so make sure the pan is big enough or it will spill over) and vanilla and stir until the foam goes away.
1/2 Cup Buttermilk
1/2 Cup Butter
1 Cup Sugar
1 teaspoon Baking Soda
1 teaspoon vanilla (optional, but makes it better)
Most Chocolate Chip bags have a recipe on them.  But you just need fat, eggs, sugar, flour and chocolate.
1/2 Cup Fat (Butter is best but you can use shortening)
3/4 Cup Sugar (use 1/2 white and 1/2 brown or all brown)
1 Egg
1 1/4 Cup Flour
1 Cup Chocolate Chips
I also like to add a little salt (like a pinch or 1/4 teaspoon) and vanilla (1 teaspoon) but you don't have to, this just kicks it up a little.
Use soft butter and mix with sugar well
Add egg and vanilla and mix
Add salt, flour, and chocolate chips and mix just till combined well
Put in dollops or balls on baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.
Our missionaries here are sending out an email to all the bishops and ward mission leaders in the stake 4 times a week (Sun, Tue, Thur, and Sat). Every ward is listed and then under the ward name the missionaries list what teaching or contacting they did in the ward for those two days.  It has been really good.  I don't want our ward to be blank so it has motivated me to invite people to listen to the missionaries.  Just an idea, I know you may have different capabilities and certainly a different demographic there but it is working here.  One of the families I invited to hear the missionaries accepted and have a baptism date on March 11.
Davey's birthday is tomorrow and we are going out to eat at Zabb Noodles in Salt Lake tonite.
Mom went in to get her implant post put in her jaw and then heal for another 6 months and then she could get her new tooth.  While drilling it the bone cracked under her nose so instead of putting it in they put in more cadaver bone and she will have to grow more bone for another 6 months and then drill again and let that heal for another 6 months.  She is pretty discouraged with her front teeth.  She has been in bed since Friday and is not going to work today.
How is the new companion after another week.  How are things going?  We want you to be happy and enjoying the work and haven't felt that it has been that way very much.  Dixon, I think, is going through the same thing with companions that don't want to work and he, being new, is kinda not doing what he knows he should be and is feeling a little guilty about it.
Jacek got his call to Houston.  He is pretty stoked.  He is going through the temple this week.  Allie Kirkham is going through to get married next month.
Love you and miss you tons but know that you doing what you should be at this time in your life.  

Sweet with everything especially that baptism!

Recipes for you

Cool, we will try these.

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