Monday, February 20, 2017

February 20, 2017

Spent 13.40 on some cookies.  Each package was 13.40.  Bought one on one card, other on the other.
Can the Zions bank card be credit?
Thanks for the pics.  They are dope!  I love it!  Got that letter with them.  Havent gotten anything else but dont know if you have sent anything else.
Buttermilk syrup recipe?  That doesnt use maple extract?  
Chocolate chip cookie recipe?

Last sunday, got asked to give a talk on missionary work.  Had the opening song to prepare.  And its all in spanish.  No big deal.  Talked for like 10 min.  This sunday, we showed up at 9:50. (Church starts at 10).  Nobody there.  Wait 10 min.  Nobody shown up.  Wait 10 min.  Nobody.  Haha finally 5 min later a sister shows up.  Then like 10:20 everybody shows up.  Branch president shows up at 10:30.  Haha.  That sunday was like an all time high of 22 though!
We have been teaching this pastor and his wife.  Really cool actually.  They have both read the Book of Mormon entirely.  But they havent prayed about it.  Just goes to show you how important that promise is in Moroni!
We had Valentines day last week.  Only relationship i got to worry about though is my relationship with Christ!  I thought that was pretty good.  Came up with that one myself.
And Presidents day is today!  It´s P-Day on P-Day!!!! Crazy!!!!  Mind blown!
It has been pouring the last 3 days.  Like 5 inches of water.  Crazy!
Love you all!  Love the Gospel!  Love the Mission!

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